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Hi 👋, welcome to The Simple Living Blog!

My name is Andrew, author of this blog. I'm a burnt-out software engineer who left the rat race at the beginning of 2021 due to mental health (during my prime earning years 🥲). Fortunately, through years of practicing simple living (more specifically frugality, budgeting, mindful spending), and a little bit of luck (investing), I reached a level of FIRE (Financial Independence Retirement Early) at the age of 32.

I have since been living a simple life away from the corporate world, testing the theory of FIRE (so you don't have to). And if this big experiement fails, treat this as a case study on how not to FIRE 😂. Although I can't tell you when luck or opportunities would show up, I can certainly teach you a thing or two about simple living, reduced spending, and mindset. 🤓

...the blog

First things first, if you are hoping for content that will help you "get rich quick", I'm sorry to tell you...that's not what this is.

Simple living is a mindset, an intentional lifestyle.  It can indeed lead to financial independence from less spending, but there are also other benefits as well such as reduced stress in life by way of a minimalist mindset, being more environmentally friendly and healthy through dietary changes, reduced consumption/waste etc.  Since my journey in simple living has led me to being financially independent, naturally the contents of this blog will have more weight on the financial aspect.  However, the goal isn't to "get rich quick", but rather to help see how simple living can improve your overall well-being as well as helping you rebuild your relationship with "money".

In this blog, I will share with you my experience on my simple living and FIRE journey, what worked, what didn't work, things I fucked up on (and learnings), tips & tricks to save and manage money, and ways to cultivate your mindset, so that you too can start living a life that is healthier, more responsible, present, content, less stress, and a step or two closer to reaching your financial freedom.

Let your journey begin!

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